A boy, blamed by his father for his brother's death, gives up roller skating after losing his brother to the street sport.

In 2012, Deon Steenkamp was murdered along with his wife, Christel, and their teenage daughter Marthella on their farm, Naauwhoek. Griekwastad tells the story of the search to find the truth surrounding these murders.

After several dates and heartbreaks, a serial monogamist must come to terms with the fact that she is destined to live life as a single woman


Toorbos explores the uprooting of a young forest woman and her community during the time of the last forest inhabitants of South Africa's Knysna forest of the 1930's.

In Algeria, 1994, two childhood friends travel through the desert looking for Abou Leila, a dangerous terrorist on the run.

Made in Senegal is a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the rise of Sadio Mané, the 2019 CAF Awards African Footballer of the year.

Mama Drama tells the story of Mena and her surrogate mother Kemi, who both enter into an agreement to help birth Mena's baby into the world.


Rachel Hudson's seemingly perfect life shatters before her eyes and Nigerian immigrants are to be blamed. Rachel decides on enacting some vengeance by working as an undercover waitress in a popular Nigerian restaurant in order to find and deport the illegal immigrants among her co-workers

A student stuck in the small town of Potchefstroom, yearns for the lights and culture of London. After a dreadful break up she packs her bags and sets off to her dream city with her best friend.

A psychologist returns home and opens a new practice in Tunisia where she deals with a colorful cast of patients.


Based on the Elsa Joubert novel, The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena, Poppie Nongena follows the life of a South African woman as she is declared an illegal immigrant in her own country


Set in the ancient Kingdoms of Igala and Bini, ‘The Legend of Inikpi' tells a compelling tale of two kingdoms on the brink of war.

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