” Life is not a funny business.

-Material (2012)

” Only we can tell our stories.

-The Square (2013)

” I racialize everything because I am South African. It’s my culture.

-Catching Feelings (2017)

” We are all corrupt. No exceptions.

– ضد الحكومة Against The Government (1992)

” You have to dream in life. My dream is to write history and win all the trophies. It’s the dream of a child, of course.

– Made in Senegal (2020)

” When I cut off my own arm to feed you, then you will know you are my child.

-The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (2019)

” Money is like poison. At the very end, it always kills you.

-Viva Riva! (2011)

” You’ve Won.

-Outside The Law (2010)

” When you take, you give. It’s the order of things.

-Living In Bondage: Breaking Free (2019)

” In the new South Africa, you can go a long way with a smile. You can go much farther with a smile and a gun.

-Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema (2008)

” I have tasted freedom. Have you?

-Otelo Burning (2011)

” I don’t regret my sacrifices.

-Made in Senegal (2020)

” I am an Egyptian citizen. I have Egyptian rights!

– عسل أسود Asal Eswed (2010)

” I don’t know my name.

-Johnny Mad Dog (2008)

” You white people call your dogs nice things: fluffy, woof. Me, where I come from, we call them Hitler.

-Beyond The River (2017)

” Are you still afraid, Sergeant?

-The Mercy of the Jungle (2019)

” The revolution is coming back no matter what!

-The Square (2013)

” You can be anything you want. But you can not be a soldier!

-Badamasi (2020)

” The law, sir. Why is it hard on women?

-Poppie Nongena (2020)

” I want to be a somebody.

-Beyond The River (2017)

” When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet.

-District 9 (2009)

” I honestly don’t know what makes me exceptional. I’m only human. I’m not perfect.

-Made in Senegal (2020)

” What kind of bastard would break a dog’s back?

-Tsotsi (2005)

” It was a war in the Square. It was not a revolution.

-The Square (2013)

” Nairobi is where poverty, disease and the devil live.

-Nairobi Half Life (2012)

” We won’t move.

-The State Against Mandela and the Others (2018)

” In this bag is soil from our land. If we return to Algeria, we’ll plant a vine in it. If I die, place it here, against my cheek.

-Outside The Law (2010)

” Democracy. Democracy is just like imported cassava. It rots quickly.

-The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (2019)

” The government doesn’t have an arm to be twisted.

– الإرهاب والكباب‎‎ Terrorism and Kebab (1992)

” Where I was born, becoming a footballer means you have to sacrifice everything.

– Made in Senegal (2020)

” The rich don’t want freedom because they already have it.

– The Square (2013)