Write for us – $10 / 1000 words

We are looking for writers who have an avid interest in African movies and the African movie industry as a whole to join our team of freelance writers.

How it works

We usually give topics for the articles to be researched and written. Once done, we look it over and if it meets our expectations, we will accept the article, pay you and then publish it.

We only consider unique articles. Once published, we will have complete ownership of it and you cannot publish elsewhere. If we reject your submitted work, then you are free to publish it someplace else.

For accepted articles, we pay $10 for 1,000 words through Paypal. As we become more confident in your writing, we will grant you the opportunity to choose your own topics and outlines. Of course, final approval to go ahead with said topic still lies with us.

What we look for in writers

We are only interested in hiring freelancers who know their onions. Unfortunately, we aren’t hiring full-time at the moment.
We need people who have a good command of English especially written English. This means correct English spellings, grammar, punctuation and structure when you write.
If you are an experienced blog writer, that’s a plus, but our final decision will be based on the sample of work you send us.

*Note: We do not provide outbound links in any form on our website. However, you will get full credit for your article in the Author’s Bio Section

How to submit a bio

Your submission must come with a writer’s bio

Add your name, email, website and Twitter handle to the top of your post.

Include a 2-3 sentence bio at the top of your post telling us how long you’ve been writing and former professional writing assignments that you may have done

What makes a good article?

A good article:

Is on a topic you can speak about with authority.
Provides useful, tangible advice.
Is well structured so readers can easily glean information.
Is geared towards our target audience.
Does not have a lot of grammatical or spelling errors.
Is accompanied by appropriate, well-designed/sourced visuals (one approximately every 250 words)
Has a strong, fun voice.
Is one you would be proud to share to your social media network.

How to apply

Applying is easy. Just fill out the form below with a 400 – 500-word sample article in the African movie niche.