A trooper returns home to find her only sister infected by a strange chemical substance. The race to save her sister unleashes the most advanced war machine known to man.

A tale of love concurring terror, crime and illegal dealings in Nairobi’s fast life and the radicalization of the youth

Two brothers — one a narcotics agent and the other a general — finally discover the identity of the drug lord who murdered their parents decades ago. They may kill each other before capturing the bad guy

Three sisters discover a whopping $800,000 and soon have the authorities and the different crime lords who have a stake in the money, after them.

A man has a recurring dream of being pursued by an ancestral masquerade until he wakes up to find himself transformed.

The Passage is about the events of 5 June 1967 till the victory of 6th October 1973 and the war of attrition led by the qualified war commander, Nour.

An ex-military man must guide some Egyptian refugees through the desert while protecting them from mercenaries.

Casablanca revolves around three friends who form a gang to rob a ship called Casablanca.

A small village in Nigeria without drinkable water, sustainable farming and fishing has one resource: oil.

A man migrates to Ivory Coast after the massacre of his family in Haiti only to have a civil war break out.

On a bloody night, a young man and his beloved struggle to escape a hospital.

Four rich men (the Merry Men) seduce powerful women, get contracts from the political elite, steal from the rich, give to the poor and have sex with the hottest women in town

In a racially-charged and violent 1950's rural South Africa, a liberal journalist recounts the epic pursuit, capture and intriguing trial of a flamboyant, native "Robin Hood".

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