Love is Yellow is about the daily grind of the Nigerian Dream as seen through the eyes of a young man trying to find his feet in Nigeria's most populous city, Lagos.

A family is forced to maintain a low profile to save the family business after the Asset Management Corporation forecloses it.

The Passage is about the events of 5 June 1967 till the victory of 6th October 1973 and the war of attrition led by the qualified war commander, Nour.

On hearing about his mother's death. a young soldier deserts the army.

'Mokalik' follows the career of an 11-year-old boy, Ponmile, from the middle-class suburbs who spends the day as a lowly apprentice at a mechanic workshop in order to view life from the other side of the tracks - When his father arrives to take him home; Ponmile has to make up his mind if he wants to return to school or take on his apprenticeship full time.

Two Rwandan soldiers, left behind by their military unit, struggle to survive a hostile jungle amidst intense armed conflict as they try to find their way back.

The story of a thirteen year old Malawian boy who by sheer determination invents a windmill to save his family and village from famine.

A man migrates to Ivory Coast after the massacre of his family in Haiti only to have a civil war break out.

A son competes for power, heritage and parental love when his mother brings home a street orphan.

A one night stand  with a mysterious man changes two lives forever.

UN AIR DE KORA tells the story of young Muslim woman Salma who wants to play the kora even though it is forbidden for
women. She goes looking for a tutor in private.

Can one woman have everything? Facing her 40s, a highly accomplished woman, with a host of suitors at her feet, faces hard decisions about love, family, and her future.

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