A daughter sets out on a mystical journey to rescue her father after being trapped in a mine shaft by his vengeful brother.

A female philanthropist with a checkered past must use all of her wit to come out on top as her political ambitions outgrows the underworld connections that made her everything she is.

A 14-year-old girl gets kidnapped and finds herself in the slums of Accra where she faces several trials as she tries to find her way back home to her mother

A Tunisian living in France, returns home to Tunis after his son is killed in a motorcycle accident.

Nine years ago, Amin came from Senegal to work in France, leaving his wife Aisha and their three children behind. In France, there is nothing but work for him, no friends but the people he lives with at his workers' home

Two girls from rival families fall in love and must choose between their relationship and their safety in Kenya.

Torn between the life he left behind in Tunisia and the life he’s created for himself in Marseille, a man finds himself at a crucial crossroads when his wife suffers from a stroke

Following a financial scandal that affects the family business, two sisters must learn to make their own way in life, through music and enterprise

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