UN AIR DE KORA tells the story of young Muslim woman Salma who wants to play the kora even though it is forbidden for
women. She goes looking for a tutor in private.

Can one woman have everything? Facing her 40s, a highly accomplished woman, with a host of suitors at her feet, faces hard decisions about love, family, and her future.

Adaeze has to prove her worth as she steps up, with the help of her uncle, to help her dad's failing business as he recovers from his illness.

When Sade, the central character suffers a personal tragedy, she is taken on a journey of self-discovery and faith which transforms the lives all those around her. God Calling shines a spotlight on modern day spirituality by imaginatively exploring what it might look like for Abraham or Prophet Elijah to be Nigerian in 2018, and have to contend with disbelief as well as modern-day realities such as smartphones, and social media.

The sudden death of a rich and flamboyant benefactor throws his large extended family into confusion as everyone scrambles after his will.

A daughter sets out on a mystical journey to rescue her father after being trapped in a mine shaft by his vengeful brother.

A female philanthropist with a checkered past must use all of her wit to come out on top as her political ambitions outgrows the underworld connections that made her everything she is.

A 14-year-old girl gets kidnapped and finds herself in the slums of Accra where she faces several trials as she tries to find her way back home to her mother

A Tunisian living in France, returns home to Tunis after his son is killed in a motorcycle accident.

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