The film revolves around an officer who examines some social issues, especially those related to the crises of the poor within moled el saida, and the problems they face.


Before his capture by the police, a thief hides his stolen loot in a grave. Years later, after his release, he returns to retrieve only to find a shrine to an unknown Saint built directly over his loot, and a brand new village constructed all around it.

Nnamdi Okeke, son of Andy Okeke, is an ambitious young man who wants more out of life. The problem is, he can’t afford the kind of life he wants with his current station in life.

A free-spirited Islamic young girl, struggles to live out her dream. Does she have the courage to take her dream heads-on, against all odds?

Driss and Zahra set out to save the life of their six-year-old son, Ayoub, who has been diagnosed with a critical brain illness

When a choreographer, based in New York meets her soulmate, she has to finally face her complicated past engagement to a king in South Africa

In 1997, there is a frenzied hunt for women unveiled in Algiers. Nedjma, a young student passionate about fashion, is determined to organize a campus fashion show against all odds.

In Dakar, unpaid workers on the construction site of a futuristic tower decide to leave for greener pastures. Among them is Souleiman, who is Ada's lover, even though she is promised to another.

Husband and wife in a fierce battle for governorship must choose between their political ambition and their marriage.

A man has a recurring dream of being pursued by an ancestral masquerade until he wakes up to find himself transformed.

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