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“Laïcité, Inch’Allah !” is a documentary that began 3 months before the Tunisian uprising. History caught up with it. Laïcité, Inch’Allah! is a film about tolerance, it is a pacifist alert to the possibility for each and everyone to choose to freely express their opinions, beliefs, and way of life. August 2010, in the middle of Ramadan during the reign of Ben Ali. Despite the censorship lockdown, Nadia El Fani films a Tunisia that seems open to the principle of freedom of conscience and to its relationship with Islam. Three months later, the Tunisian Spring explodes. Nadia is there to witness it. While the Arab world enters a phase of radical change, Tunisia, having instigated the wind of revolt, is again the testing ground when it comes to its vision of religion. What if, for once, through the desire of the people, a Muslim country opted for a secular constitution? In that case, the Tunisians would have truly carried out “The Revolution”.

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