Cast & Crew

Farouk Al-Fishawy

(as Farouk Al-Fichawi)

Tewfik El Dekn

(as Tewfik El Dekn)


Fun Facts of Movie

The film revolves around the teacher (Youssef) left by his classmate and sweetheart schoolgirl (Laila Alawi) and marries a wealthy man who migrates to America, traveling in loan to work as an Arabic language teacher and Islamic religion in the capital of the Maldives or Maldive islands Which is located at the bottom of the Indian subcontinent in the heart of the Indian Ocean. He lives there with a librarian named Wahid who is fluent in Arabic. After a period they go to another remote island to attend a wedding. Yusuf is in love with the Indian Muslim girl Zainab..

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