How To Add A TV Show

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On Desktop, click on Submit a Movie | TV show on the top right hand of the header.

Input your Name and Email. Then select “I want to submit a TV show” from the what do you want to submit? drop down

Enter the 1. TV show Title, 2. TV Genre, 3. The Date the TV show was first aired, 4. Number of Seasons 5. Number of Episodes 6. The Date the TV show was last aired if applicable

Enter 7. The link to the TV show trailer 8. A cover photo for the TV show. Please see our TV show image requirement. 9. A short description or synopsis of the TV show, 10. The TV show’s country. You can select more countries by holding down Ctrl when selecting

Enter the list of 11. Awards won or nominated. Write the names of 12. The Director, 13. Producer, 14. Writer, 15. the TV show’s creator

Fill in the names of the other crew members. Write the names of 15. Actor 1, 16. Actor 2, 17. Actor 3

Write the names of 18. Actress 1, 19. Actress 2, 20. Actress 3. If there are other cast members, include their names and roles in 21. Other Cast Members. Select 22. if you have read our terms and privacy policy. Select 23. To Send